Parramatta Light Rail – NSW, Australia

The Parramatta Light Rail is one of the New South Wales Governments latest major infrastructure projects. The Parramatta Light Rail will consist of two stages that will result in a 12-kilometre track that will connect Westmead to Carlingford, via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia.

The infrastructure project consists of a large number of bridge and tunnel structures. ELLUC Projects have been involved in the initial works for modelling the bridge structures and providing full prefabrication documentation.

The Paramatta Light Rail is due for completion in 2023.

Distribution Centre

ELLUC Projects were involved in the development of a 66,000sqm state of the art temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution centre in Redbank, Queensland, Australia.

This facility will utilise low energy led lighting, solar power generation and 180,000 lifters of rainwater storage capacity to reduce water use on-site.

Fortis Quay – Manchester, UK

The Fortis Quay landmark development will consist of 756 build to rent apartments over four phases. ELLUC Projects were engaged on phase 1 of the development for the conversion of two former office buildings, to be extended by 4 & 6 storeys.

Phase 1 of the development is to consist of 276 Apartments developed by Beaumont Morgan & Fortis Developments on behalf of Clarion.

The existing buildings at Furness Quay in Salford comprised of two buildings of six and eight stories. The buildings, designed and constructed in the 1970’s, had space until 2016 when our client, Fortis Developments, purchased the buildings and submitted a change of use to convert them to residential. We undertook extensive desktop studies during the early stages of the project to identify any redundancy in the existing structure and assess the potential for extension and conversion.


– $450m + Gross Development Value

– Light weight steel frame to increase the buildings by 4 & 6 storeys

Batemans Bay Bridge – NSW, Australia

The client mobilized a pre-cast plant near to the construction site. The bridge consisted of approximately 120 Pre-cast segments reinforced with steel rebar. Due to the time period established by NSW Government for project completion, it was crucial to provide a full detailed take-off to determine the exact tonnage of rebar, which was required to be bent at Active Steel’s main production facility & transported to the pre-cast plant for assembly & casting.

Through completing all designs in REVIT this provided a significant
time saving when completing alterations & addressing clashes which would populate updated drawings within hours, rather than days. The above allowed the updated drawings to be sent to fabricators within the extremely narrow programme for the project to achieve its funding gateway.


– A total of 169 precast segments are required on the development

– In excess of 1,800 tonnes of reinforcing steel required for the precast segments