As 1 of 5 specialist consultancies, ELLUC Projects continue to push boundaries for digitalising the construction sector

Our team includes leading practitioners in the use of BIM. Having taken a strategic view on the direction of the business, the company’s directors made an early investment in Building Information Modelling software. This led to its adoption throughout ELLUC Projects being driven from our management team.

Our team have a breadth of practical experience gained from continuously working on a diverse range of projects across all sectors. This has allowed us to quantify both the advantages and challenges that BIM adoption represents, giving us the capability to efficiently analyse the needs of our clients’ information requirements and identify where often significant further gains can be made whether through better coordination, early resolution of design issues or more efficient scheduling.

It is ELLUC Projects’ intent to continue to develop its BIM capabilities to ensure that its clients’ needs are surpassed and that the business remains at the fore front of what we do.

Our capabilities.

Utilising our BIM capabilities, ELLUC Projects have developed the tools and processes to allow us to create a vast mount of information beyond the level which is supplied from a traditional engineering consultancy. Our BIM uses include:

2D: The creation of traditional drawings and documentation. However these are produced via a 3D model which allows for greater document control through a single source of information.

3D: Our digital models serve a number of purposes, embedded with intelligent data which provides us with the capability to identify and resolve design issues earlier, through “clash detection” and visualisations.

4D: Time sequencing gives us the capability to deliver or support logistics management through, phasing, lotting, fabrication or casting scheduling.

5D: Cost estimation is supported through our detailed bills of materials and task management schedules which are dynamically linked to our models.

We have robust and comprehensive company protocols in place, including BIM execution plans which have been developed in line with the CIC BIM protocol, BS1192 and PAS 1192. This enables our teams to compile effective EIR’s to support our clients. This also allows us to collaborate effectively in line with a prescribed project CDE and respond to any EIR’s received. We are capable of supplying excellent LOD of information whether it is required at 350 400 or 500, COBie, information exchanges against DPoW, MIDP etc and have both collaborated extensively with outside agents and led design coordination to ensure that our projects are delivered efficiently.

Other services.