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Family values a core strength in global construction expertise

Improving local communities and the people within them through construction and engineering projects, is a driving factor in ELLUC Projects operation and ability to offer truly global construction expertise.

Combining comprehensive and technically sound construction and engineering expertise backed by empathy and family values culminate in ELLUC providing the finest solutions for client projects. Crucially, the company not only delivers cost-savings throughout the construction process but also takes into consideration lifetime cycle costs.

This ensures ELLUC Projects remain a valuable project partner for Main Contractors, Local Authorities, Architects and other industry professionals. But what is it that makes ELLUC Projects different to other structural and civil engineering companies and how to they ensure family values are instilled throughout the entire service process?


ELLUC Projects family values

Left, John Barilaro – Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW. Middle, Elliot McLoughlin – Managing Director of Asia Pacific for ELLUC Projects. Right, Geoff Provest – Member for Tweed


A family run business with a global network

Based in Warrington, Cheshire, the company headquarters houses the majority of the ELLUC Projects workforce. However with other locations throughout the UK and recently in Australia and New Zealand, their workforce is spread across the World over varying time zones.

Elliot Mcloughlin, Managing Director for ELLUC Projects Asia Pacific, comments, “ELLUC Projects prides itself on making a difference in construction and engineering. Every project, every client, every relationship is nurtured and managed to the best of our ability, every time.

Complacency is not an issue within the business, and our team has a great spirit where they want to exceed client expectations. Clients’ goals and objectives are crucial and we ensure we deliver every time. But as well as that, we as an organisation, and as people, want to make a difference to local communities where we work.”

ELLUC’s recent expansion into Australia, with two new offices in Sydney and Tweed Shire, highlights the company’s ambition and values. Elliot Mcloughlin adds further comment, “I have been tasked with the company’s development into the Australian market, not only securing new premises, but recruiting local workforce and managing local construction build projects.

Our delivery on infrastructure, residential & commercial projects in New South Wales & Queensland have been a real stepping-stone into Australia, where we provided highly accurate BIM models, which allowed us to export drawings for both the builder & subcontractors, within extremely narrow timeframes for the projects to achieve key delivery milestones.”

Australia Expansion means ELLUC delivers over a 20 hour working day

In November 2019, Elliot McLoughlin met with John Barilaro – Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional New South Wales, as well as Geoff Provest – Member for Tweed. The meeting was part of ELLUC’s expansion into the NSW area, which will create employment opportunities for 73 new jobs for the local community.


Construction Company


The company’s expansion into Australia creates a global network of construction experts, working seamlessly over a 20 hour working day. This results in a responsive and efficient service for clients, where the global team at ELLUC Projects connect to deliver innovative solutions for complex construction challenges.

Digitalisation with construction

The increase in adoption of new technology within construction has been hugely significant over the last decade. Reasons such as BIM, prefabrication, virtual reality, 3D printing, The Internet of Things and more has propelled the sector in how it operates.

ELLUC Projects are huge advocates in disrupting the construction sector with new technology. Indeed, the company is only one of five specialist consultancies in the UK with specialisms covering offsite fabrication. Their team includes leading practitioners in the use of BIM with extensive experience gained from continuously working on a diverse range of projects across all sectors.

The ELLUC approach utilises modern software which makes some of the common errors impossible to happen. The main areas of issues on the traditional Australian approach being errors between the schedule and the drawing, clashes of the rebar, and incorrect sizes of PC elements onsite. Our process utilises 3D modelling and detailing within the model making it impossible for these errors to happen. This removes the time delays and corrective actions which are a common place on Australian building sites.

ELLUC Projects utilises 3D models to know exactly what is going to be built, this 3D approach allows for better co-ordination between the architect, engineer and the M&E engineers allowing any issues to be resolved before you get onto site. This co-ordination makes sure that you do not need to amend the building onsite to ‘make it fit’. The 3D model is then utilised to create our reinforcement drawings enabling the designers to see the rebar within the 3D shapes which is then automatically scheduled.

This scope of service keeps ELLUC Projects relevant and valuable in the construction supply chain, ensuring the company is at the forefront of the industry.

ELLUC Projects are committed to helping clients in the UK, Australia and worldwide deliver future projects, unlocking opportunities and improving the lives of local populations through carefully managed construction projects.

For further information on ELLUC Projects’ scope of value engineering services or if you require support with your build specification project, please get in touch with Elliot McLoughlin (Managing Director of ELLUC Projects Asia Pacific) on telephone +61 (0) 2 9053 1133 / +44 (0) 1925 24 3333, or contact from the form on our contact page.

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